18℃ PM, Mostly Sunny
It seems we are in the coldest April in the past 35years.
But potatoes and leafy vegetables were coming out from the ground and seems strong enough to stand in this climate.
The construction of the small house is progressing very well. We already moved some seedlings of chilies there.
There is a big cage (3m x 6m) which used to be a cage for the birds. We will use it as a small greenhouse for
some summer vegetables like bitter melon (Go-Ya-).
We seeded Leeks, Carrots, and Beets and covered them with plastic after watering. This may be a good solution to make sure the 
Normally we enjoyed Blue Bell in Halle Bois this season. It is really beautiful with a carpet of violet Blue Bell to cover
the hill of Bois de Halle. But unfortunately, we can not visit there due to Covid. So I would like to share a photo of Blue Bell in my garden as it is fully bloomed now.
I also want to share a photo of NIRA Leek in my garden. We have this on the farm as well. This is a very popular vegetable in 
Japan to use for Gyoza or cooking with liver (LEVANIRAITAME) to survive hot summer.